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Quad Skating Articles by Dave VanBelleghem
aka Rollerskating Dave

Different Types of Quad Roller Skates
Photos and information about different types of quad roller skates including old fashioned strap-on skates, and modern artistic, speed, hockey, aggressive, trick, off-road, and recreational quad roller skates.

Anatomy of a Quad Roller Skate
An exploded diagram of a quad roller skate with each of its parts labeled.

Quad Roller Skate Trucks
A definition of a quad roller skate truck, how trucks facilitate steering, how to adjust roller skate trucks, and information about single action and double action trucks. Includes 11 photos and diagrams.

How to Center Roller Skate Plates
Information about the best way to center quad roller skate plates including the differences in aligning plates and frames for quad, inline, and ice skates.

Where to Mount Roller Skate Plates
How far forward or back should roller skate plates be mounted? Should the front axel be under the ball of the foot or under the base of the big toe?

Drilling Roller Skate Plate Mounting Holes
How to drill holes in a quad roller skate so the plates can be mounted onto the boots.

Roller Skating at Night
Tips for safe skating at night on any kind of skates.

Weight Training for Roller Skaters
Dave VanBelleghem's guide to weight training for quad roller skaters and others.

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