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Michael, Kathie, and Glenn in Venice Beach

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About Precision Roller Skating

Photos, video clips, and information about precision roller skating and precision skating teams around the world.

Introduction to Precision Roller Skating
Precision roller skating is a discupline in which 12 to 24 skaters move around a skating floor as a single unit, often at a high rate of speed. Precision formations and precision timing are important elements of the discipline. Routines are performed to music and they typically include formations such as as lines, circles, blocks, wheels, and intersections. Precision roller skating is sometimes called synchronized roller skating.

Precision Roller Skating Teams
Two directories of precision roller skating teams around the world, one organized by team name and one organized by country. Also includes a list of the teams who won first place gold medals at the precision roller skating world championships.

World Championships of Precision Roller Skating
Information about all of the Precision Roller Skating World Championships.

Videos of Precision Roller Skating
Video clips of precision roller skating teams performing their routines.

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