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About Ball Roller Hockey

Information about the type of roller hockey that uses a ball instead of a puck that is almost always played on quad roller skates. Ball roller hockey is also known as rink hockey, hardball hockey, ball and cane hockey, and traditional roller hockey.

2005 Men's Ball Roller Hockey World Championships
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Ball Roller Hockey Resources by Country
Information about the sport of ball roller hockey in Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Macao, Mozambique, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Forums for Roller Hockey Discussions
Online forums, discussion groups, and newsgroups for rink hockey players, coaches, event organizers, and fans.

Quad Skates for Roller Hockey
Companies who manufacture quad roller skates, sticks, hardballs, and other ball roller hockey equipment and supplies.

Hardball Hockey Equipment Shops
Shops in many different countries where hardball hockey (aka rink hockey) skates, equipment and supplies can be purchased.

Photos of Roller Hockey

Ball Roller Hockey Organizations
Information about international and regional ball roller hockey federations, confederations, and associations.

Ball Roller Hockey Web Sites
Web sites and blogs related to the sport of hardball roller hockey.

Names by Which the Sport is Known
Ball and cane hockey, ball hockey, hardball hockey, hockey pista, hockey skids, hockey sobre patines, hoquei em patins, hoquei sobre patins, hockey su pista. international hockey, quad hockey, quad skate hockey, international style ball hockey, rink hockey, rolhockey roller hockey, rollhockey, and traditional roller hockey.

Names for the Sport by Country
  • United Kingdom: Roller Hockey
  • United States: Hardball Hockey

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