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Michael, Kathie, and Glenn in Venice Beach

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Roller Skating Rinks

Where to find roller skating rinks around the world plus forum discussion about roller skating rinks and information about opening your own roller rink.

Directory of Roller Skating Rinks
Information about roller skating rinks around the world organized by country and state or province. Most of the roller rinks in this section are in the United States but we also have listings for roller skating rinks in Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Please let us know if your favorite rink - in any country - is not included in this section

Special Sessions at Roller Rinks
Where to find roller skating rinks with special sessions such as public sessions and all-night parties for adults and special sessions with live organ music.

Special Programs at Roller Rinks
Where to find roller skating rinks with artsitic roller skating programs, indoor speed skating programs, inline hockey programs, and quad ball hockey programs.

Discussions About Roller Skating Rinks
Some of the most popular discussions about roller skating rinks in the SkateLog Forum. Includes discussions about favorite rinks, skating floors, skating music, special interest skating sessions, rink hazards, rink policies, and operating a roller skating rink.

Floor Coatings for Roller Skating Rinks
Information about Dura Seal, Rink Cote, Roll-On, Tite Coat,TITE-Tanium, Valspar, and other coatings for wooden, asphalt, particle board, and concrete roller skating floors.

Floors in Roller Skating Rinks
Articles about roller skating rink floors and other skating surfaces. Includes information about the different types of floors, the typical sizes of skating floors, and materials used to build skating floors.

Suppliers for Roller Skating Rinks
Wholesale and retail companies providng equipment and supplies to roller skating rinks. Includes rental skate distributors, rink consulting services, snackbar equipment, insurance providers, sound and light system manufacturers, and other rink suppliers.

Operating a Roller Skating Rink
Information about two roller skating rink start-up and operating guides, the Roller Skating Business Resource manual and the RSA (Roller Skating Association International) Roller Skating Business Resource Manual.

Building a Roller Skating Rink
Answers to frequently asked questions about building a roller skating rink.

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