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Quad Speed Roller Skating

Articles and information about quad speed roller skating. Includes photos, skater bios, articles, speed skating records, video clips, coaches, and which roller skating rinks have speed skating programs.

Photos of Speed Roller Skaters
Pictures of regional, national, and world champion speed roller skaters of the past and present. So far this gallery includes pictures from 1960, 1974, and 1988 of Buggy Allmond, Charles Wahlig, John Drewry, Kathy Kissing, Mary Allmond, Tim Small, and Tony Kissing, Many more pictures will be added soon.

Speed Skaters by Name
An alphabetical index to bios and photos of some of the top quad speed roller skaters of the past and present.

Clubs for Indoor Speed Skaters
Directory of indoor speed skating clubs in Australia, Canada, and the United Staets. Please let us know if your indoor speed club is not listed.

Events for Quad Speed Skaters
Information about the world championships, national championships, regional championships, and local meets with with quad speed roller skating competitions.

Quad Speed Skates
Where to buy quad speed boots, quad speed skates frames, and wheels for quad speed skates.

History of the Zwaantjes Roller Club
Flanders, Belgium is well known for its canals, beautiful flat landscapes, and rich cultural heritage in art, music and architecture. It is also the home of one of the oldest speed roller skating clubs in the world.

Records Set by Quad Speed Skaters
United States national records for quad skating skating distances from 200 to 5000 meters. Includes records for girls, boys, men, women, and relay teams.

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